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StoneShare returns!

We're delighted to announce that StoneShare has returned for a second consecutive season. It's your chance to own a piece of your team and really make a difference at The Vale.

With last seasons fundraiser a roaring success, StoneShare has returned again and offers fans a chance to help Stuart Maynard and Matt Saunders much needed contributions toward their playing budget.

Every contribution earns you a £5 share in the club, with contributions going directly into the playing budget. The requirements are that you make a weekly or monthly contribution for the season which will span over 40 weekly contributions or 10 monthly ones.

With this each donation will be met with a £5 share in Wealdstone Football Club (2000) Ltd, this is only done in multiples of £5, which would equate to £200 worth of shares for weekly contributions and £25 worth of shares for monthly donations, equalling £250 worth of shares at the end of the season.

Sign up now and really make a difference! At the end of the season each donor of StoneShare will receive an official share certificate from the club for your shares.

Please call your bank to set up either a weekly standing order of 40 payments, or a monthly standing order of 10 payments at your chosen value. Please make the payments out to Wealdstone Football Club (2000) Limited, Acc. No: 43154786 and Sort Code: 09-06-66. Please reference your standing order as 'STONESHARE'. These can also be used for a lump sum BACS payment if you wish.

You must email with your name, address, phone number, email, type of payment (weekly/monthly/lump sum), first payment date and the amount to be registered onto StoneShare in order for the club to register your shares.

Alternatively, you can print off sign and return the form in the image at the bottom of the page.

Once again we thank all those that contributed in our key first season back in the National League last year, your contributions really made a difference! We hope that this year StoneShare is a huge success once more as we look to establish ourselves back amongst non-league football's elite.


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