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Watch Wealdstone on National league TV

Supporters who are unable to attend fixtures now have the ability to watch certain fixtures via the National Leagues streaming platform National League TV. Which fixtures you are able to watch will depend on your location as some geographical restrictions apply.

For UK based supporters any Home or Away Wealdstone fixture taking place outside of Saturday 3pm will be available to stream. For international based supporters all Wealdstone National League fixtures will be available to watch via the service.

The matchday pass is available for £9.50 through the new National League TV streaming service, meaning you can watch the action as it unfolds.

How do I register?

  • Click here and fill in the relevant details.

  • Please ensure you select Wealdstone as your team when prompted.

How do I buy a pass?

Will all Saturday matches be available for domestic streaming?

  • Normally, matches which kick off at 3pm on Saturdays would not be eligible for domestic streaming in the UK due to the blocked broadcasting hours stipulated in Uefa Article 48.

  • During International breaks, such as the world cup these restrictions are temporarily relaxed.

  • The blocked hours will be reinstated on Saturday January 14th, meaning Saturday 3pm matches played after this date will not be eligible for domestic streaming. 

Will all non-Saturday matches be eligible for domestic streaming?

  • Yes, unless the match is being broadcast on BT sport

Which fixtures will be eligible for domestic streaming?

  • Eastleigh 7th Jan, Chesterfield 10th Jan, Oldham Athletic 17th Jan, ​Yeovil Town 24th Jan, Chesterfield 21st Feb, Maidstone United 7th March, Barnet 25th March, Notts County 7th April, Solihull Moors 10th April, 

Which games will be eligible for international streaming?

  • Supporters based overseas will be able to watch all our National League matches, regardless of kick-off time or whether the match is broadcast live on BT sport

  • The league is offering monthly and half-seasonal packages to supporters based overseas.

What does a matchday pass entitle me to?

  • Access to a single-cameral feed, commentary, replays and graphics, all of National league matches on that day.

Does the club receive any income from the livestream fee​?

  • Provided you select Wealdstone as your club at the point of sign up then the club will receive the majority of the matchday fee.

I would like more information, or support with an issue. Who shall i contact? 

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