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Here at Wealdstone we view ourselves as a true family club and everyone regardless of their background or beliefs should feel truly welcome to be part of or associated with our football club. 

As part of this ongoing commitment, the club would like to remind all supporters that racial, homophobic or discriminatory abuse, chanting or harassment is strictly forbidden and will result in arrest and ejection from the Grosvenor Vale.

Wealdstone FC aims to ensure that all employees, workers, visitors, contractors and spectators enjoy the experience of either visiting, attending and being on site at Grosvenor Vale. The Club has a firm commitment to confronting and eliminating both direct and indirect discrimination whether by reason of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, ability or disability and to encourage equal opportunities for all.


Wealdstone Football Club recognises its obligation under the Equality Act 2010 and The Code of Practice published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission and the European Commission for the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of the following protected characteristics: Age; Disability; Gender reassignment; Race; Religion or belief; Sex; Sexual orientation, Marriage and civil partnership; Maternity and pregnancy.


The Football Club strives via all its activities, both football and not football related to not discriminate, or in any way treat anyone less favourably on the grounds of any of the above. Under the Equality Act 2010, individuals are protected from discrimination ‘on grounds of’ the any of the above protected characteristics. This means everyone is protected if they have a characteristic, are assumed to have one or associate with someone who has or is assumed to have one. Forms of discrimination and discriminatory behaviour include the following; Direct discrimination, Indirect discrimination, Discrimination arising from disability, Harassment, Victimisation

Click here to view the Club’s full EDI Policy.


The Club commits to the immediate investigation of any claims of discrimination on the above grounds, brought to its attention and including putting into place appropriate measures and sanctions to ensure that such behaviour does not occur again.


Anyone wishing to raise a concern should do so either verbally or in writing to the Senior Safeguarding & Equalities Officer (SSO). The concern needs to be as specific as possible including any names, dates and locations where possible. 


Richard Hopwood

Senior Safeguarding & Equalities Officer

07799077816 |

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