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StoneShare Launch

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The club has launched a fundraising scheme ahead of the current season to help bolster the funds available for Dean, Stuart and the management team.

StoneShare is a scheme which has been worked up between a group of supporters and the management team, which follows on from the hugely successful supporter fundraising scheme last season. For as little as £5 a week for 40 weeks, supporters can contribute directly to the playing budget with details contained in the leaflet below;

Supporters will receive a number of £5 shares in the club at the end of the season based on the amount contributed. There will also be a number of prize draws throughout the season for those who contribute to the scheme. Lump sum contributions or cheques are also welcome if you wish.

Dean Brennan said of the launch:

"The funds raised last season was just great and we thank everyone who contributed in any way to support the club and help us get over the line and deliver such a special achievement for everyone at the club.

"We wanted to work with supporters to set up a similar scheme this season when the financial challenges are even greater. We’re pleased with the business we’ve done so far but obviously want to strengthen the squad if opportunities allow and the money is available."


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