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Message from the Chairman

On Saturday, the club achieved an important result away at local rivals Barnet and were supported by a large and vociferous away following. The level and passion of our away support is always outstanding and something we are rightly proud of, and it makes a big difference to the players and management to have such a fantastic backing all over the country.

Sadly, reports of criminal damage and antisocial behaviour have been bought to our attention from the game and this is not something the club condones in any way. The incidents are being dealt with by both clubs and the police, anyone found to be associated with this behaviour will be sanctioned accordingly. We are assisting in every way we can with on-going enquiries.

As a club, the diversity of our home and away support across age, gender and race is something we are hugely proud of and we have been widely praised by our opponents throughout the season for our supporters conduct.

A large number of our following on Saturday was made up of young children who we have actively encouraged to watch their local football club through ticket and community initiatives and who enjoy the family atmosphere the club seeks to create.

We will absolutely NOT tolerate a small minority of people who associated themselves with our club for this fixture to tarnish our reputation. We apologise for their behaviour on behalf of all true Wealdstone supporters. We thank the vast, vast majority of those who travelled to support us on Saturday for their incredible support.

Rory Fitzgerald

Chairman, Wealdstone Football Club


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