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Record season-ticket sales for Wealdstone

Wealdstone Football Club are thrilled to announce a record number of season ticket sales.

In a sign of support for the management duo of Stuart Maynard and Matty Saunders and their attractive brand of football, more than 1,000 season passes have been purchased while, even more encouragingly, 50 per cent of the sales have been to Under-18s.

"We are thrilled with the level of season ticket sales," said Chairman Rory Fitzgerald. "The fact so many are Under-18 underlines the investment we made in cultivating a new generation of Stones who are vital to the lifeblood of the club.

"I'd like to thank a lot of people for their hard work in achieving this, particularly board member Darren Linden. I'd also like to thank the fans for their show of faith in what the board and the management team are trying to do for and with this great club."

Season tickets are still available to be purchased, a deal that represents a terrific saving on purchasing on a match-by-match basis, particularly in these inflationary times.

"I'm so proud of our supporters and their level of commitment," said Maynard. "I've said before how much we appreciate the support and how we need the fans at home to help drive us on. The management team and the players all love interacting with the fans at the final whistle to show how much we appreciate you. We are all on this journey together. It's great to see so many young faces and we'd love you to spread the word and get more people here so we can pack the place out."

Click HERE to get your season ticket and be part of the journey

Tickets for Saturday's home game with Southend are selling fast. Click HERE to make sure you purchase yours in advance.

*Pictures by Mike Renny, Jon Taffel and Darren Campbell


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