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Meet the Manager: Exclusive Q&A Event!

Updated: May 31

Matt Taylor was announced as our new manager earlier this month – and you already have the chance to hear his thoughts and put a question to the gaffer before a ball has even been kicked.

On Tuesday evening in the main hall at our home ground at The Vale, there is a great chance to meet and hear from our new management team of Taylor and his assistant, Paul Hughes, as they set out their ambitions and plans for the season ahead. 

Taylor has already impressed with his vision, knowledge of the club and philosophy in a wide-ranging club interview, but you now have the chance to hear from the former Luton, Burnley, Portsmouth and Bolton star in person.

This will be a question and answer session giving supporters the opportunity to deep dive into a range of topics as we prepare for the new campaign and a new era at the club.

Questions can be sent in advance by emailing

The evening kicks off at 7.30pm. Don't miss it!


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Jun 23

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