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Wealdstone Raider and club president star in charity World Cup single

Club President Paul Rumens has helped produce a World Cup song that will benefit Wealdstone Youth Football Club.

Rumens, 62, has teamed up with producer Dave Crawford and singer/song writer Maddox Jones to release the single, "We’re All Here Together (Go England)”.

There is also a guest appearance from the Wealdstone Raider in the song which is designed to help cheer England onto victory at Qatar 2022 and generate money for charity. The single has been aired on BBC Radio 5 Live and talkSPORT.

"It was an idea from my wife [Lori] and I," said Rumens. "It's been a good 30 years since Three Lions and longer than that for World in Motion. It's been a generation since a really decent, uplifting, sing-a-long anthem out there.

"I'm certainly no singer but I'm the lead organiser of it. I got roped into acting in the video which is based in a pub. It's about the song being heard from a distance by many people from all walks of life and they make their way to the pub. They get more and mesmerised by the song, make their way to the pub and all join in with the band in the pub.

"Two terrific charities will benefit from this. One in Northampton where I am based and that's called Rockin Roadrunner, they do a lot via music for disabled adults and children and is a charity close to the heart of Radio 2's Jo Whiley. The other one close to my heart is Wealdstone Youth FC, which is a registered charity. We've got over 700 boys and girls playing under the Wealdstone name."

Rumens has occupied the roles of director, chairman, vice chairman and now President at Wealdstone for 31 years. He's been a fan of the Stones for 51 years. He lives in Northampton and the song was recorded at Plastic Tree Studio in his hometown.

“It has plenty of echos of your football terrace anthem and is uplifting without trying to compete in the direction of New Order or The Lightning Seeds offerings," said Jones, the song writer. "Football brings everyone together, especially big tournaments like the World Cup. England is a diverse nation and I want this charity single to celebrate and promote togetherness and the diverse culture of England.

"More than ever we need to show solidarity and love, let’s all be friends and support each other and the team through this World Cup.”

The single is priced at 99p and was released on Friday.

"We've put a lot of effort in and it's been done on a shoestring budget," said Rumens. "We've got a top music and video producer, local people to me in Northampton and they've all given their time for a good cause. We think we've got a banger here, we genuinely do. You are getting much more from than you usually do from a football video."

You can download it here:


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