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STATEMENT: Resolving pitch drainage issues

The pitch issues at The Vale, which have led to a number of matches to be postponed are a huge frustration and draw concern from all corners of the club.

Due to these concerns, a detailed report conducted by Labosport, a FIFA-accredited sport surface testing and consulting firm, has provided crucial insights into the pitch's low infiltration rate and its inability to efficiently allow water movement into and through the heavy clay soil.

The infiltration rate, the impact of an aged drainage system and a build up of organic matter at the surface which impedes water absorption like a sponge, are all issues we are seeking to address as a priority over the Summer.


The complexity of the situation, and the intricate balance between finding a durable solution and managing the financial implications of extensive pitch remediation given club's current short-term lease arrangement at Grosvenor Vale, requires detailed analysis of any major capital expenditure on the ground. Clearly the current situation cannot continue, but this constraint makes it imperative we are confident that any investment addresses the issues.


The Board of Directors in partnership with the expert ground staff at Turfdoctor is committed to solving the problem by undertaking comprehensive drainage work and removing the organic matter affecting the pitch condition.

Quotes have been received from three specialist firms, with work scheduled to commence once this season ends. This initiative is expected to restore the pitch to optimal condition by the start of the new season, significantly reducing the high risk of weather related postponements we are currently having to live with. 

Works were planned to take place last summer, however our contractor was delayed getting on site due to issues with their equipment. This meant the works would not be completed in time for the new season and unfortunately the work had to be cancelled.

Updates on the progress of the works will be published once they commence. 


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