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Update on pitch improvements

Since the final whistle blew on our last home game just over two weeks ago, significant efforts have been underway to enhance the Grosvenor Vale playing surface.

Drainage Improvements: To address the challenges of waterlogging, horizontal drains have been installed across the pitch. These drains feed into a main drain located on the far left side and this system is designed to efficiently channel water down to the existing exit at the bottom corner of the pitch. While secondary drains are planned to enhance this system further, their installation will follow once the main drains have adequately settled—a process that requires time to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Each drainage trench houses perforated pipes laid on a calculated slope, achieved by state-of-the-art, computer-controlled laser leveling. This precision ensures that gravity effectively moves the water through the system. The trenches are then filled with gravel and sand, topped with the regular pitch surface, and seamlessly integrated with the existing grass.

Additionally, we are upgrading the pump system to significantly increase our capacity to remove water from the pitch.

Irrigation System Installation: Parallel to the drainage efforts, we are installing an advanced irrigation system to maintain optimal pitch conditions. A substantial water tank now captures mains water, which is then distributed by a new pump system. Our new Javelin traveling sprinkler, which is computer-controlled and can operate autonomously, ensures even and efficient watering of the entire pitch overnight. This system is capable of covering the entire pitch with just two passes.

Pitch Renovation: The surface of the pitch itself has not been overlooked. The top layer of organic material, which had been retaining excess water, has been removed. Following this, reseeding has taken place and is expected to germinate soon. Our ground staff are closely monitoring the new growth and anticipate conducting the first cut of the new grass within the next 2-3 weeks.


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