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Statement: FA charge and fine

Following the pitch incursion and flares that were thrown at the end of the away fixture at Barnet on the 3rd February 2024, the FA charged Wealdstone FC with “failing to ensure that spectators and/or supporters (and anyone purporting to be its supporters or followers) conduct themselves in an orderly fashion whilst attending the match and do not behave in a way which is improper, offensive, violent, threatening , abusive, indecent or provocative and/or throw missiles or other potentially harmful or dangerous objects and/or encroach on the pitch.”

The charge was accepted by the club and an Independent regulatory commission convened to decide the punishment. They subsequently decided the following penalties and orders.

  • A fine of £3,000.

  • Warning as to future conduct.

  • Publish within 14 days of the publication the finding of misconduct and the sanctions imposed.

  • An announcement on its public address system 5 minutes before the scheduled start of the next home competitive league match the findings of misconduct and the sanctions.

At the time of the incident, the Board of Directors were quick to condemn the actions of the individuals involved and subsequently have supported the Police in their investigations. Our initial response is available here.

In mitigation, the commission noted the club has no relevant misconduct record, that the club cooperated with the investigation and with the Police and the club issued a timely statement denouncing the misconduct and apologising.


Individuals charged & convicted

Following the incident, four individuals were charged by the Police and subsequently found guilty of pitch encroachment and other related charges. Three of these individuals have been fined and issued with football banning orders for three years, whilst the fourth was fined. All four individuals are now banned from Grosvenor Vale indefinitely.

Implications for future fixtures

The FA charge is clear and the duty non-delegable. As a club we will be held responsible for the behaviour of all supporters, whether that is season ticket holders, regular supporters, or anyone purporting to be Wealdstone supporters, home and away.

As a result, ahead of the corresponding fixture next season the club will be looking to control those supporters purporting to be Wealdstone supporters. We are discussing how best to manage the risk from a ticketing perspective, and will be stewarding the away section of the ground with our own stewards, at our own cost. More details will be issued in due course.


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