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Jonathan North dishes all the dressing room dirt!

League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors... so what lies behind? They spoke to Stones goalkeeper Jonathan North to find out!

You can choose three team-mates to go on a road trip with – who do you pick to jump in the car and why?

Greeny (Danny Green) – The DJ. Would keep the journey flowing thanks to his love for Japanese House music. Loves a quiz and a crossword. Solid choice. Next is Sheps (Jake Sheppard) Again, great to have in your quiz team. Good singing voice for the singalongs. Enjoys country music and likes a story. Jerome Okimo: The Skipper. Got a 4x4 so could use his car. Thinks the earth is flat so could talk about that for a while!

....But who is the one you wouldn't let near in the motor! 

Dennon Lewis. Probably spend the whole time talking about that TV show he went on (can't say the name or I'll get fined).

Which player would you not let touch your car stereo?

Actually had our singing initiations the other week. Pretty much a concert with the amount of new lads we've got. Standard was decent but the only real rogue choice was actually the Gaffer's. You'll Never Walk Alone. Average at best so would have to go with him.

Who is most likely to become a manager when their playing days are over? 

A few wise old heads. Jerome's got a good football brain as has Greeny so I'd go with one of them. Connor Smith also does some coaching, but people would probably struggle to understand his accent.

But which one is the least likely to do the job? 

Probably myself actually. Personally can't imagine anything worse! Saturday's are strictly for golf once the gloves are away for good.

Who's the dressing room joker?

Nick Arnold's a funny guy, as is Sheps. Connor Stevens' tan lines even in the middle of winter always make me laugh too, as do Dennon's flip flops..

But who is grump when it comes to team banter?

No-one really yet. We've been winning so everyone's been in a decent mood. Come back to me when we've lost a few!

Who spends the longest in front of the mirror after games?

Unsure actually. Rossco (Ross Lafayette) always finishes a game looking great but I think that's just because he has good genes. Dennon takes a while after games but that's normally because he's doing a photo shoot on the pitch.

So which player is the Teacher's pet?

Few of those actually. Sanchez (Watt) is up there, but that award has to go to Matty Saunders. Technically a player coach, but that still counts for me. Extra running, band work, core after sessions* the lot!

*but only when the gaffer's watching

Who would you say is your best mate at the club?

I've been around a while and seen lots of players come and go, but I've played with both Greeny and Jerome (over two spells) for a while now and they're both top lads.

Best trainer in the squad?

Connor Stevens. Absolute ball magnet. Just loves getting balls kicked at him! But top class attitude and no surprise he's started the season so well.

....But who is the first off the training ground?

Ryan Sellers. But mainly because he hasn't been on the training ground yet this season...

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