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Dyer: 'We've shown great character'

Alex Dyer feels Wealdstone has shaped him as a person and is proud of how the squad dug deep to clinch a fifth straight season in the National League.

The midfield technician has racked up 260 appearances for the club across two spells and has established himself as a club legend. He first joined the Stones in 2010 after being released by Northampton Town and came back again ten years later after spells in Sweden and Kuwait.

He turns 34 this summer but the fact six of his 18 starts this season came in the fixture pile-up at the end of the season, a period that saw the team play nearly once every three days, is testament to his levels of fitness and his importance to the team and the indeed the club.

"I've enjoyed both spells," said Dyer. "They've come at different times of my life. The first spell was my first venture into men's football. I was thankful for that. I had to learn the hard way when I was first here. I found it hard at the start but I found myself as a player and as a person and built confidence and momentum. I became the person I am through those experiences. It shaped me.

"The second spell has been great as you see the young players now and the hungry and it reminds me of myself as a young player. I care a lot about my teammates and I want the best for them. I've tried to help and it's been great. We've had some great dressing rooms here and it's been a privilege to meeting some great people."

The team drew on Dyer's experience to pull themselves out of a tricky spot with three thrilling wins in their final four games.

"It's tough to win matches at this level so to establish ourselves in this league for another season is a credit to the group and the club and it shows our evolution," he said. "The second half of season shows how hard it is to win games, especially with the budget, the fact we are part time and with the fixture pile-up. We've shown great character, mental grit and another side of our game and ourselves. The boys have shown massive credit... so fair play to them."

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