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Wealdstone announce #HerGameToo ambassador

The club are delighted to announce Nicola Brown as our new #HerGameToo ambassador. Nicola will act as the bridge between the club, the local community and the HerGameToo community, delivering the aims and ambitions of the initiative to Wealdstone.

"I feel strongly that #HerGameToo is an initiative that is brilliantly progressive in ensuring a more inclusive football supporting experience for all," she said.

"I watch the Stones across the country with my mum, nieces and many other women and girls in Wealdstone colours and have seen first-hand the positive impact the work HerGameToo representatives have done.

"I wanted Wealdstone to be a part of this and I am proud to represent the club as they continue to make huge steps both on and off the pitch to be a first class community focused football club that are welcoming and inclusive for all."

Many of our fans will already know Nicola and her family from following the Stones up and down the country and we're delighted as a club to have her on board.

"The work being done with #HerGameToo is fantastic and we're delighted that Nicola will represent this club as part of such an important movement ," Wealdstone Director Darren Linden added.

"Wealdstone are a progressive and outstanding community focused football club, and our participation in this initiative will help ensure all girls and women feel comfortable supporting the team."

HerGameToo was founded by 12 female football supporters with the aim of fostering an ethos in football where women are welcomed and respected equally. This is now expanding into other sports as well, with the campaign having now grown factions in cricket, rugby and ice hockey.

Their first survey in 2021 found that 92.3% of supporters said they had seen sexist abuse online, with 58% of supporters saying they'd experienced sexist abuse at a game or in a pub.

The aim of #HerGameToo is to champion women in sport and getting women and girls of all ages to feel confident and safe sharing their opinion about football both online and in real life without fear of sexist abuse.

The club can't wait to work with Nicola and the wider HerGameToo community.


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