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Vanarama’s Fanarama! The Stones’ incredible season so far, 2019 in review and what 2020 has in store

Supporter and programme editing workhorse Mark Hyde offers league sponsors Vanarama a personal take on 2019 - and gives his Wealdstone story.

Well, we’re approaching the half-way point of the season already - sum things up.

A whirlwind start playing attractive football racking up some big scores. I think for us fans it started as a mixture of disbelief and the nagging feeling that it may just all be a fluke which progressed to the realisation that we have got an incredible bunch of players and a management team that may just pull this off. 

We’re asking for honesty now! Did you predict things could possibly go as well as they have so far?

Not a chance, I don’t believe anybody at the club would have predicted this. 

Big question - What will it take for you to stay there?

Win every game is the short answer but we are already seeing teams setting up to frustrate but that I guess is the price you pay for being top. We can do this but it’s going to take an incredible amount of work from the management and team and players. We are averaging over 2.3 points per game and that will take some effort to maintain for the rest of the season.  

The busy Christmas and New Year calendar - love it or hate it?

What’s not to like? Plenty of football spent in the company of your football friends…

Actually, I’ll tell you what’s not to like…..multiple programme deadlines but it’s a small price to pay!

Christmas is coming - if you could gift wrap one present for Dean Brennan, what would it be?

Difficult to wrap but it’s August 2020 and we are planning our first way trip to Notts County. Failing that a pair of socks.

What will 2020 bring for the club?

I’m not jinxing this one…. Let’s take each game at a time, I’m sure there will be many twists and turns

Your Stones player of the season so far?

Can I go for the supporters? We are constantly told we are the 12th man and it may earn me a few Christmas drinks in the bar. In all seriousness though I can’t single out a player. We are the sum of our parts so far and you don’t spend over four months at the top of the league without every squad member playing their part.

We all love away days: what one sticks out this season as your favourite and why?

We certainly travel in numbers here at Wealdstone, it’s part of the club culture. I guess Weymouth so far this season. A comfortable lead pegged back and then nicking it at the death against a great side in a great game.

Your story: We all love our club but why did you start following Wealdstone in the first place?

Ha! Well back in 1982 when I first visited Lower Mead Wealdstone had palpable edge to it. The passion was evident and still is. As a young impressionable youth I absolutely loved it.

What makes the club so unique and so special to you?

It’s a cliché but the people – we really are a family and one that’s growing year on year.

Not so many years ago this club was dead in the water. The position we find ourselves in now is in no small part due to the relentless and tireless work building, funding and supporting from everyone involved.

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