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Silent Auction for match-worn shirts details

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

We are delighted to confirm that we will be holding an online silent auction for signed championship winning match-worn shirts.

Each shirt will have an official authenticity certificate and will be signed by each player and professionally framed.

We will be selling home and away versions for each selected player as well as selected game-specific items.

The available home and away shirts to place a bid on are (highest bids as of Friday 10th July):

Aston Oxborough 1 (£200 Home)

Michee Efete 2 (£210 Home)

Jacob Mendy 3 (£150 Home)

Billy Clifford 4 (£220 Home)

Connor Stevens 5 (£175 Home)

Jerome Okimo 6 (£200 Home)

Michael Phillips 7 (£180 Home)

Connor Smith 8 (£190 Home)

Ross Lafayette 9 (£275 Home)

Danny Green 10 (£300 Home)

Dennon Lewis 11 (£250 Home)

Ryan Sellers 12 (£100 Home)

Jake Sheppard 14 (£150 Home)

Ashley Charles 15 (£160 Home)

Sanchez Watt 16 (£150 Home)

There is also a signed and framed Moses Emmanuel 9 shirt (highest bid of £220 as of Friday 10th July) and Harry Isted 13 shirt (highest bid of £175 as of Friday 10th July) available which were worn against Havant & Waterlooville away, as well as home and away shirts signed by the whole squad.

Framed home and away shirts signed by all the players and management team are also available for £250. As of Friday 10th July, there are only 8 of these left.

Each shirt has a reserve price of £100 and we will update on the highest bids (confidentially) as often as we can on our official social media channels.

Please place your bids in writing and send to by Monday 20th July.


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