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‘Rolling Stones’ campaign

A message from Jeremy Albert:


Over the summer I had emailed a number of fans re a new supporter fund raising scheme, the feedback was positive and after much soul searching I got back involved and started the 'Rolling Stones' campaign.

We have had an amazing response but would now like to open this up to all you other fans (unfortunately I don't have everyones email address!!) we need some of the new(and old!) fans to get involved and help contribute!

Quiet remarkably the current figure raised is £19,000, the board tasked me with raising around £20 - £25,000 so we are tantalisingly close, all the monies raised has gone towards the playing budget.

Some of the players signing would not have been possible without the fans contribution, believe me it has helped, the board are doing their bit , we need to do ours (WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!).

Dean Brennan and the management team are aware of the current fans campaign and I attended a board meeting earlier this month where he/they wanted to express their thanks and amazement of the generosity of our support base.

We are all enjoying the football and looking at the league table brings joy and happiness to so many people - long may it continue!

Club Chairman Rory Fitzgerald: “The response from fans has been amazing and made a meaningful difference to the budget we’ve been able to make available to Dean and Stuart.

“We’re working on a number of areas of the club to enable us to retain a competitive budget and the success of this is a real boost to the management team who are doing a great job.”

If you would like to contribute and need more details please email Jeremy at

Jeremy will then email you back the full details, we are looking for £5 or £10 a week for a 40 week period in simplistic terms, all monies raised is going towards the playing budget as already advised.

Please also note that lump sum contributions are also welcomed and all contributions will be recognised with shares in the club.

Everyone at the club is pulling together, the results are impressive when the club is united, we NOW need more fans to help and push this great club on to a bright season and future.



Jeremy Albert


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