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Frustration with National League’s forced rescheduling of Bromley FC fixture

Wealdstone FC’s Chairman, Rory Fitzgerald, has expressed profound discontent with the National League’s decision to force the club to play its rescheduled fixture with Bromley FC this coming Wednesday, 20th March, with a 7.45pm kick-off at Grosvenor Vale. 

According to Fitzgerald, the rescheduled date was imposed without any input from the Stones, leaving the club in a precarious position.

“We have already found ourselves in an incredibly challenging situation where due to the well documented issues with the Grosvenor Vale pitch we were expected to play a high volume of games in an extremely short period of time. This situation is now further compounded by a significantly depleted squad due to no less than five international call-ups," stated Fitzgerald.

"Despite these circumstances, which are clearly outside of our control, the National League has invoked league rules, compelling us to play another unplanned fixture this Wednesday. These rules apparently allow them to dictate terms that they deem beneficial for the league at large, even if they adversely impact individual clubs. At some point the National League must recognise that we have a duty of care to our players and that we are putting them at risk by expecting them to play so many games in such quick succession.”


Fitzgerald's statement underlined the club's frustration, noting that the forced scheduling of this fixture on the proposed date was not only inconsiderate but left Wealdstone FC with no viable alternative.

"To avoid the league punishment, we have reluctantly agreed to the game proceeding as planned on Wednesday. We do however feel it is grossly unfair and that we have been let down by the league having previously made every effort to be accommodating and get fixtures played."


In light of these developments, the Stones are urging supporters to rally behind the team as fervently as ever. Advance tickets for the fixture are now on sale HERE. Fans are encouraged to purchase their tickets online, where they can enjoy a saving of up to £2 compared to on the gate prices.  


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