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Champions Celebration Details

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Wealdstone FC can confirm that we will be hosting a socially-distant Champions Celebration at Grosvenor Vale on Saturday 4th July.

The club will be utilising the stadium, Ruislip Social Club and our football fields outside the stadium to practice the government guidelines on social distancing throughout the day.

Our celebrations will begin from 11am and will cost £2 for entry, which will contribute to essential ground improvements ahead of next season.

We will be providing a barbecue, music, ice cream vans, children’s entertainment and rides during the day. There will also be a raffle and the Megastore will host a stall with merchandise.

Our Champions will arrive from 1pm to join in the celebrations with supporters under social distancing guidelines.

Alcohol will be served by the Ruislip Social Club and alcohol is only permitted if purchased from the Ruislip Social Club.


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