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Barry Benveniste steps down

Updated: May 10

It’s with great regret we announce that long-serving finance and bookkeeping stalwart, Barry Benveniste, has decided to step down after years of dedicated service to the football club.

Barry has been a cornerstone in managing and supporting the club’s finances, ensuring that the books are not only balanced but meticulously maintained.

Throughout his tenure, Barry's contributions have been invaluable, providing stability and clarity in the club's financial operations. His commitment and precision have been crucial in supporting Wealdstone FC's endeavours both on and off the pitch.

The board at Wealdstone are immensely grateful for his unwavering support and dedication over the years.

As we bid farewell to Barry, Wealdstone FC now seeks an experienced individual to take over the bookkeeping responsibilities. This role is critical for the ongoing success and organisation of the club’s operations as we approach the new season.

Interested parties should email Richard Hopwood at


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