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Bobby Wilkinson’s Pre-Match Thoughts…

Stones are back to league action this weekend, facing 9th placed Torquay United at Grosvenor Vale. Ahead of the game Sam Watts caught up with Bobby yesterday....

After such a disappointing and heart-breaking end to the Sutton game last week, Bobby said: “The manner in which we went out the cup can be quite damaging so we have to pick ourselves up. It’ll be another real tough one on Saturday.”

Bobby described the visit of Torquay as ‘physical’ and talked about Stones facing a full-time club and how big of a challenge they will pose.

“Torquay are very powerful and very physical, we’ve done our homework on them. Their manager has been there 6 games and won all 6.

“It’s so important that we do well against them, however they are full time. They are working every day of the week to try and beat us, we are only in twice, so they have a massive advantage. But that’s the challenge, and they are the challenges that we like to take.”

Bobby said that his side have been preparing for these types of matches, and believes the Stones are growing as a club.

“We are growing week in week out to try and be the best we can be. We are fighting hard to do our best, and so are the players. From the very first day of pre-season, we spoke about being ‘men’ and handling the physical side of the game. It might not win you every game but it certainly gives you a chance.

“I would say we are on the up, but football is a very difficult game and that’s why I make it clear that you have to stay focused and believe in what we do.”

With the Stones playing 2 games in 3 days, Bobby Wilkinson stressed he can only afford to focus on the Torquay match.

“I’ve learnt as a manager to only look at the next game. Our main goal is to pick up 3 points on Saturday. I’ve learnt as a manager that thinking ahead can backfire on you. We are only thinking about Torquay – can we compete and can the boys give me 110%.”

His final thoughts were towards the injury of Freddie Grant and the exit of Wadah Ahmidi…

“[Freddie Grant] - It’s a very damaging loss for our club because he adds a real balance to our side and he’s been absolutely on fire this year. With Wadah [Ahmidi] leaving for personal reasons, it has been damaging, but these are the challenges that hit me and I’ll have to find another good player.”


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