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Wealdstone FC v Torquay Utd   |   26.02.2022
KO 15:00 |  Live Stream available from 14:45


How To Purchase / Watch

We recommend purchasing the stream at least 2-3 hours before the KO to ensure there are no delays in your viewing access. 


Click on the Buy Now option, login or create an account and follow the steps to purchase the stream.  If you are already logged in and the stream is Live, you will have access to view.  If not logged in, login with the same details you created your account with and your stream will be available to view. 


Please go to for further assistance.

Note:  We recommend you accept cookies, as the Stream Platform uses them for authentication purposes. If it is does not find an authorisation cookie, you will need to re-authenticate.

What do I do if I have paid to view but am not able to access?

Please contact the Inplayer Support Centre

I am having problems with buffering where the video keeps cutting out, what can I do?

To ensure your viewing experience ​is not interrupted, a minimum download speed of +5Mbps or higher is required although we recommend 25Mbps or higher as you may still experience some buffering at speeds lower than 10Mbps.  If you are having issues, go to, click Test my Internet and select Download.  If you download speed is 10Mbps or less, you will need to acquire a higher speed internet connection to ensure your viewing experience is as good as possible. 

Can I stream the match in a commercial premises for customers / public to view?

We can provide a commercial viewing pass, please contact the club for prices and options* 

Can I watch the stream later in the day?

Unfortunately, we are unable to show the stream on a delay due to an embargo in place for league matches, which prevents the club using any match footage until 12.01am on Monday for Saturday matches and 10pm the following day for midweek matches. We are planning on making the full match available after the embargo time for a reduced fee of £6, those who purchased the live PPV will also be able to watch using their password.


Can I watch the stream if I live abroad?

For National League matches there are no restrictions in place to prevent the club from streaming matches to other countries.  FA Cup matches are restricted to UK only.


Can I watch the stream on more than one device at a time?

No. If you try and watch on a different device to the current authorised device (initially the one the stream was originally bought on) an email will be sent to you with a two-factor authorisation code that will need to be entered to watch on the new device. Once that code is entered the stream will stop working on the previous device.


Which matches will you be covering?

As it currently stands, we will be able to stream every home league match, with the exception of matches chosen for live coverage on BT Sport.


What time will coverage start?

We are aiming to start the stream 15 minutes before kick-off.

What happens if the match is suspended?

The option to purchase a stream will be removed at soon as possible after a decision is reached to suspend a match. Any purchases made prior to a match being suspended will not be refunded but will automatically be transferred and will be valid for the Live Stream of the same match when rescheduled.  

Can my business have an advert on the stream?

There are numerous sponsorship and advertising opportunities the live stream can provide and if you would like to discuss this please get in touch through the Official WFC website


Can I watch the stream on a TV?

Depending on your devices / TV, it is possible to show the stream on your TV screen. Below we detail a few of the possible ways of accomplishing this.


If your laptop has an HDMI output, or if you have an HDMI adapter for your tablet device, you can simply connect an HDMI cable to your TV and share the stream to it that way.


Screen Share

Some devices & TVs will already have the capability to share your screen from your mobile/tablet to your TV. An example of this would be Apple's AirPlay function if you have an Apple TV device.

If your Smart TV doesn't natively have this function built-in, you may be able to download an app called Video & TV Cast, and the corresponding app on your mobile/tablet device and share the stream that way. Visit for more information.


TV Web Browser

Your smart TV, or console if you have one connected, might come with a web browser that can let you watch the stream.


*Wealdstone Football Club (2000) Ltd will not be held responsible for the broadcast quality, stability or continuity due to circumstances outside of it's direct, or reasonable control and refunds will not be offered for any related streaming issues.

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