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STATEMENT: Changes to Club Secretary role

Since our promotion to the National League, it has become increasingly clear that the demands and expectations placed upon our Club Secretary role have grown significantly. Being part of a professional league brings requirements and expectations that are vast and varied compared to those at a lower level, necessitating a reevaluation of how we manage these essential responsibilities.


We are therefore announcing an important operational change at Wealdstone Football Club, reflecting our commitment to adapt and thrive in the challenging yet rewarding environment of the National League. 


The Board of Directors, in collaboration with Paul Fruin, has made the strategic decision to split the duties of the Club Secretary. We are profoundly grateful to Paul "Fingers" Fruin for his outstanding dedication and contribution in the role of Club Secretary over many years.

Paul has been the backbone of this club's administrative success, showing commitment and expertise that is unparalleled. To ensure we continue to meet the evolving demands of the National League and to allow Paul the opportunity to balance his invaluable contributions to the club with the needs of his own business and personal life, he will now focus on the responsibilities of Match Secretary.


This strategic shift enables us to draw upon Paul's vast experience and skills where they are most needed, while opening the door for new talent to join our team. We will soon be advertising for a new Club Secretary to take on the broader administrative duties, ensuring that Wealdstone Football Club remains on a solid footing for future success.


We cannot overstate the impact of Paul's work for Wealdstone Football Club serving as a director for 19 years. He was fundamental in setting up our Football Scholarship programme, firstly with Bedford College and then Stanmore College, which enabled the likes of Marvin Morgan and Jermaine Beckford to come through the ranks into the first team, along with many other players.  His dedication, knowledge, and passion have been instrumental in our achievements, and we look forward to his continued impact in his new role. This change is a positive step for the club, allowing us to enhance our operational effectiveness and ensure we are well-positioned to meet the demands of professional league football.

Any initial expressions of interest in the Club Secretary role should be sent via email to Wealdstone FC Chairman Rory Fitzgerald at

We thank our fans, staff and sponsors for their ongoing support and understanding as we make these changes.


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