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Nick DuGard - Update

Nick DuGard will be leaving his posts of General Manager and Press Officer at Wealdstone FC at the end of October to pursue an opportunity in his former business career outside of football.

Nick was appointed to the post of General Manager in January 2017 and has been the club’s Press and Media Officer for nine years, overseeing the start of Wealdstone’s new era at Grosvenor Vale and playing a key role in promoting and establishing the club firmly in the West London area and beyond.

Nick is looking forward to getting back to the terraces as time allows and will continue his long-time fan’s role as President and Joint Chair of the Wealdstone FC Supporters’ Club.

Wealdstone FC Chairman, Peter Marsden, said: “Myself and the rest of the Board are sad to see Nick go but I understand he has received a great job offer he can't refuse. Nick has done considerable work for the club and deserves the respect and plaudits of all at Wealdstone Football Club. Personally, I regard Nick as not only a good friend but a wise counsel with a refreshing 'can do' attitude and I know Bobby Wilkinson will echo these sentiments."


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