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End of 2019/20 Season Awards Results

Dennon Lewis swept up two Player of the Year awards as the post-season awards were announced on social media on Thursday.

Jock Law Trophy Player of the Year & Young Stones Player of the Year - Dennon Lewis

Lewis gained the votes of Stones fans to win both the Jock Law Player of the Year Trophy and the Young Stones Player of the Year award.

The 23-year-old winger contributed in all 39 competitive fixtures in 2019/20, scoring 13 goals and providing assists on 10 occasions.

Manager Dean Brennan on Lewis' successful debut season: "Dennon has worked extremely hard on his game, his attitude to work hard for our team has been first class.

"We have seen how Dennon has grown into our team, he's such an electric and exciting player to watch. We can not forget how he scored and created so many key goals for our team this season.

"Dennon and our team deserve all the plaudits that they are going to get after this season. We all can not wait to get return to watching Dennon and the lads playing their hearts out again soon."

Dennon Lewis' message to Stones fans after winning his two awards:

Golden Boot Award - Ross Lafayette

Ross Lafayette took home the Golden Boot award for the 2019/20 season after netting 16 goals from 35 appearances in all competitions.

The 34-year-old's second stint at Grosvenor Vale started perfectly as Lafayette scored the first goal of the season and finished with a brace against Dartford on the first day of the 2019/20 season.

Brennan on Lafayette: "Ross is a player that leads by example, his positive attitude and experience in our camp has been vital for our team.

"He’s been a real leader for our team and he has scored a wide variety of goals that have help get us to the top of the table and stay there."

Ross Lafayette's message to Stones fans after winning the Golden Boot award:

Chairman's Award - Michee Efete

Michee Efete was awarded the Chairman's Award by Rory Fitzgerald after an impressive debut season for the Stones.

The 23-year-old full-back finished the season strongly with two goals in the final two games of the season, scoring eight goals in total. Efete also assisted three goals and contributed to 13 clean sheets in 2019/20.

Chairman Rory Fitzgerald on Efete's incredible season: "Michee has been incredible this season he has been an important part of the team.

"He has played out of position for a large part of this season and has been involved in 11 goals from the full-back position which is remarkable.

"When I think back to the amount of important goals he scored at crucial times in games, Michee must consider himself unlucky not to have been voted Player of the Year. A fantastic contribution in his first season with us."

Michee Efete's message to Stones fans after winning the Chairman's award:

Supporter of the Year / Mark Barton Trophy - Dave Reader

To acknowledge the loss of supporter and volunteer Mark Barton, the award for Supporter of the Year has been renamed in his honour.

Not only is it a fitting tribute to Mark, but a great tribute to all the supporters we have sadly lost throughout this season.

Dave Reader has been a hardworking supporter this season, leading the way with organising all the coach travel for Stones fans on away fixtures including the memorable victories at Weymouth and Havant & Waterlooville.

President's Award - Peter Edwards and Mark Hyde & The Programme Team

As always with the President's Award, there are joint winners for the work done by the recipients of this award for the club.

President Paul Rumens on Peter Edwards: “For his unstinting work over and in excess of a decade at The Vale and for helping with the close season team on various building projects.

"Peter's ongoing painting and line marking throughout the seasons to date, while being a very unassuming gentleman who is always there - thank you Peter on behalf of myself and Wealdstone Football Club.”

Rumens on Mark Hyde & the Programme Team: “Massive thanks goes to Mark and his incredible team of Martin Read, Tim Parks and not least of all Martin Lacey for part sponsoring the costs of actually printing the programmes week in and out - year in and out!

"This season concludes eight seasons at the helm and let’s hope these talented lads get the chance to rightfully produce another award winning programme in the National League next season - thank you Mark and all of you on behalf of myself and Wealdstone Football Club."

Full Results:

Jock Law Trophy Player of the Year - Dennon Lewis

Young Stones Player of the Year - Dennon Lewis

Golden Boot Award - Ross Lafayette

Chairman's Award - Michee Efete

Mark Barton Trophy - Dave Reader

President's Award - Peter Edwards and Mark Hyde & The Programme Team


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