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Bobby Wilkinson Pre-Match Thoughts

Ahead of a crucial clash with Welling United, Dec O’Reilly spoke to Bobby Wilkinson before hosting the Wings on Saturday.

Bradley Bubb update…

“We got him the pre-op and he’s been checked and scanned and everything, he’s got his operation within the next month.”

On Eoin McKeown…

“Eoin [McKeown]’s loan will not be extended now, he’s done his time here at Wealdstone but I really thank him and I wish him all the best. I’ll follow his journey now and hopefully he can go on and have a good career.

“He’ll always be remembered for getting us that point against Dartford [in January] and we’ll always be in-debt to him because we needed that point and I’ll always be really pleased for him [earning the draw]. Like I said he did really wish he got a little bit more football but it has been a great learning experience for him and we’ve really enjoyed having him around. He’s a quiet lad but he’s been a pleasure and he’s represented Colchester very well.”

On the importance of this Welling fixture…

“Every game is important now I have to say. It’s two teams that are going to go toe-to-toe with each other; it’s going to be another massive game. The nice thing about it is it’s a big game at The Vale so I need everyone to support us and back us for the good and the bad on the day because it will come down to that. Let’s make the Vale a fortress this Saturday and let’s get the music and the crowd loud, play some good football, some hard football and let’s see if we can pull off a good result.”

If there is a chance for redemption after the reverse fixture…

“That was back in the past, I’m only looking into the future. They are on a fantastic run themselves and they deserve to be in the play-offs, they are the favourites and we are the underdogs. We’ll be chasing them, it will be tough one I know that but a challenge we relish and we are going to give it our all.”

On either preferring to be the underdog or the favourite…

“I think that you just have to go into each game now and you need to give 110% and believe that you can’t lose. If that isn’t the case then you’re in a dangerous place, you have got to believe in every game that you are going to give your all otherwise you’ll get beat.

“When I say the word underdogs, for me it’s Welling don’t think we can beat them so I want to go and beat them. I want people to understand that we enjoy any challenge thrown at us, we’re not scared of anything we are ready for it. You’ve got to go in with a mindset of challenging the opposition today, you’ve got to break them [mentally] before you’ve kicked a ball and you’ve got to walk out with 11 leaders and men to win a game of football against a very good side.”

On the importance of finishing our key chances in the game…

“If you get a chance, you need to take it. Prime example is the Billericay game where we didn’t take our two clear-cut chances that we had to get the three points. There might be only one chance because both teams won’t want to lose on Saturday so it’s going to be tense, it’s going to be nerve-racking at times but don’t worry about that – just stick together. If you get that chance can you take it and can you hold onto it.

“We took our chance against Billericay and then we couldn’t hold onto it but out of our other two chances, we should have taken one of them. It’s visa-versa for both teams because both teams at this stage of the season can’t afford to lose. That will make it a very entertaining game and a game to look forward to for spectators but there will a lot of pressure on both sets of players and managers, hopefully we’ve got the team that can handle the pressure and understand that we do need the three points to keep the momentum going.”

On the squad getting praise and recognition…

“It’s great that people are finally seeing what I’m trying to build here at this football club and it’s getting recognised because it doesn’t happen overnight. Everyone is part of the jigsaw, on and off the park. If you’ve got someone that’s not part of that jigsaw or a piece that doesn’t fit then you just move it. Right now is about everyone playing their part and the way you’re a part of Wealdstone Football Club is by being together.

“On the football side, the players are playing their part; if someone doesn’t fit in that system or isn’t fit then then they just won’t play. Every single person has to play their part to make things work and that includes the management team, the kit men who are doing a fantastic job and don’t get mentioned enough, the secretary and the unbelievable things he does behind the scenes for me; the groundsmen deserves so much credit for giving us a wonderful pitch, the bar men and bar people.

All these people have not been forgotten for me, the people who work in the tea bar and people that do the odd jobs around the ground, they’re all part of this journey. I know it is always what comes down on the football pitch but for me I’m thinking about everyone right now. We’re trying to put smiles on peoples faces because we wouldn’t be where we are today without these people so they all deserve the credit. It’s not just the team that are together, everyone is pulling their weight to achieve something. I try not to forget anyone but everyone deserves the credit for where we are.”

What the management team means to him…

“The management team are great people and without them I wouldn’t be where I am today. They are just fantastic people and most of all they are great football people. Most of all above that though they are great people, the dedication from them missing work yesterday to be there [at Weston-super-Mare], getting in late at one o’clock in the morning after another long journey.

“Yes I’m the leader and everyone knows in-house what I’m doing but I’ll let people judge if I’ve done a good job at the end of the season, I’ll let people talk about me in years to come if I’ve done a good job. Right now it’s about my players and my management team.”


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