Task Force Ten

Following a fantastic response to the launch of Task Force Ten to raise £10k for season 2010/11 the funds collected has already passed the £3,000 barrier.  These funds are providing a genuine boost to the club and Gordon’s plans to build on last season’s squad.

Supporters have responded with donations and purchases of shares along with pledging amounts based on the number of goals or wins.  Examples of ways to contribute to the scheme beyond donations and share purchases include

–          an amount per win in League and FA competitions

–          an amount per goal scored in League and FA competitions

–          an amount per goal for a specific player

If anyone can support the scheme in anyway then please come contact Roger Slater, Jeremy Albert or Dominic Whyley or e-mail WFCtaskforceten@yahoo.co.uk.

Task Force Ten is also organising a race night on September 11 at 6pm following the club’s FA Cup match on the same day.  Details of this will be announced soon and we hope that as many supporters, players and officials as possible will stay around for this to ensure it is a success and raises more valuable funds for the club.  We will be selling horses for this event in the coming weeks.

The race night will be followed up with further schemes to try and raise money from outside the club and make sure that we have another successful season at The Vale.

Thanks to everyone for your support and we’d urge anyone who can contribute to this scheme in anyway to contact us and help make a difference.