Scholarship Scheme

Wealdstone FC and Stanmore College have formed a partnership to provide young footballers between 16-19 with opportunities for sporting and academic excellence.

Football ScholarshipEach year in September, a new intake of boys (and if there is sufficient interest, girls) able to combine preparationfor a career in football with an academic programme appropriate to their needs and aspirations.

It is expected that most students will want to combine a football preparation course with a Sports Studies course at an appropriate level. There will also be opportunities for students to re-take GCSEs in English and Maths or to choose from the Sixth Form College’s AS and AL curriculum offer.

Students will have full access to the College’s facilities sited in Elm Park and to training and coaching facilities and other resources provided by Wealdstone FC with the footballing aspects of the scheme currently based at The Vale, Ruislip.

On the playing side,  the college play in Wealdstone colours as part of the  U19 Nationwide Conference League set-up and represent the club in the FA and Middx Youth Cup competitions each season.

More general information about Stanmore Sixth Form College is available in a prospectus, which may be requested direct from the College on 0208 420 7700.


Curriculum Offer:

All students will be expected to participate in a Football Preparation Course that involves a mixture of practical and theory sessions with the aim of building a portfolio that leads to accreditation at foundation, intermediate or advanced level. In addition all students are required to participate in an appropriate Key Skills programme. The following programmes are available in combination with the above:

Advanced/Level 3 Programmes:

Allied Counties TeamFor students with six or more GCSEs grade A-C may choose up to three AS levels – one from each of the blocks detailed below (these may change subject to the College Prospectus, (Other AS levels are available in the College Prospectus but may not be available for students participating in the Football Scholarship Scheme because of clashes with the Football Preparation Course and the fixture programme. However, the College will endeavor to programme flexibly within these constraints).

Students pursuing an AS level that they have studied at GCSE are expected to have gained at least a grade B in that GCSE. Progression to AL in year 2 in each subject is dependent on gaining at least a grade D on completion of the AS at the end of the first year.

Students with four or more GCSEs including English at grade A-C may follow a BTEC National Diploma or Certificate programme in Sport at Level 3. A student’s guide for both qualifications is attached.

Successful completion of the above Level 3 programmes can lead to university entrance.

Intermediate/Level 2 Programme:

Students with less than four GCSEs grade A-C may follow a BTEC First programme in Sport. However, students will be expected to have GCSEs at grades D and E at least with at least a grade D in English. A student’s guide is attached.

Progression to the BTEC National Certificate or Diploma in Sport is possible for students completing this course successfully with a at least a ‘Merit’ grade.

Foundation/Level 1 Programme:

Students with mostly Fs and Gs at GCSE may be able to undertake a Foundation GNVQ programme

All students will become members of a tutor group and may participate in enrichment activities offered by the Sixth Form College.



To become a member of the Football Scholarship Scheme students must not only complete Wealdstone FC’s football trials successfully but meet the appropriate entry requirements of Stanmore Sixth Form College.

On notification of success in the football trials you will be required to complete a Stanmore Sixth Form College Application Form and return it direct to the College. You will then be invited for an interview at the College in late June. Course offers will be made in writing subsequently, but enrollment to any course will depend on satisfying entry requirements for that course when your results are known and satisfactory references. The College will make every effort to accommodate successful trialists but, as in the case of any prospective student, cannot guarantee admission in the autumn.

For more information please contact

James Duncan Hd Coach @ Stanmore College
Telephone: 07590698559


Paul Fruin
Director of Youth Development
Wealdstone FC
Telephone: 07790 038095




AS LEVEL OPTIONS: Students choose one subject from each of the blocks below (subject to change – please check latest curriculum)
Block B
Business Studies
Dance BTEC
Maths / Further
Physical Education
Block D
Computer Science
Human Biology
Information technology
Block E
English Language & Literature
Maths / Decision
Maths / Statistics

More general information about Stanmore Sixth Form College is available in a prospectus, which may be requested direct from the College on 0208 420 7700 or by visiting their website at