Wealdstone FC unveils new social media platforms

Wealdstone FC is pleased to announce that with effect from Monday 6th July 2015, the club will have all-new social media channels for fans to connect and engage with, to see what the club is up to!

The official club Twitter and Facebook pages are joined by the club YouTube channels from that date, giving opportunities to watch the highlights from the weekend’s games, or keep up to date on the latest player signings. The full range of Wealdstone FC’s social platforms is listed below.

While the club has had many different accounts previously, today’s launch brings them all together under one roof to keep everyone connected with all things Wealdstone FC. This allows the club to establish a coherent social media presence, brings the club to a new audience and tells the story of one of London’s most successful non league clubs.

As the Club’s Press Officer, Nick DuGard twitter account will continue and run side by side with the new club account. Nick will provide advice and support to the social media team, and his experience will be invaluable to the development of the Club’s new approach.

Wealdstone FC’s social media channels have already proven to be popular, but the new comprehensive offering demonstrates the club’s potential to build a complementary presence across multiple platforms. Existing fans, new supporters, commercial partners, local businesses and the wider public can also find the Stones on, Google+, Instagram, Vine and Periscope.

Twitter twitter.com/wealdstonefc
Facebook facebook.com/wealdstonefootballclub
YouTube youtube.com/channel/UCZ4cfgrDVHh1pmt-cw-MDGQ
LinkedIn linkedin.com/company/wealdstone-football-club
Instagram wealdstone_fc
Periscope Wealdstone FC


For further information, please contact:

Craig Whitehead, Social Media Manager