Stones Soccerline finally hangs up!

The Stones premium rate Soccerline match information service will finally be closed down at the end of the current season

The Soccerline has been a very familiar part of Wealdstone FC’s fans communication fabric for nigh on 25 years using a number of different providers and club staff updating the line. Steve Marshall started it off with Pete Worby also providng updates for some years. It’s heyday was in the early nineties before the advent of the internet and on-line comms when it was bringing in substantial income on a monthly basis. Calls had remained reduced but steady until the past few years when call traffic has progressively dropped off with a corresponding decline in revenue.

Club Manager Gordon Bartlett has been a huge part of the keeping the service alive and vibrant with his regular, brutally honest, and excellent post match analysis which will be sadly missed by the small band of callers. We had looked to continue operating the service but recent swingeing regulatory changes have meant that continuing to run the line is simply no longer viable so regrettably we are closing the Soccerline at the end of the current season

We will look to do video interviews with Gordon throughout next season and host them on-line with access via the Club Website

A big thank you to all our regular callers and Gordon at the end of another media era!!

By Nick DuGard