Wealdstone have Nigel Clough to thank for their latest wingman speedster.

Scott McCubbin has caught the eye down the right flank since arriving  at The Vale over the summer. However, the former Chelsea youth revealed he was a central midfield  player until his stint with the former England international Clough at  Burton Albion which transformed him into a terrorizer of full-backs.

McCubbin: “I owe my wing play to Nigel Clough, he was very insistent, somewhat unconventionally maybe, that even when  the ball was on the left hand side I stayed as wide as I could on the  right and just let the game open up. I found an extra couple of yards from somewhere and it has kind of  stuck with me. I’m never going to be a guy who stops, stands someone up and throws a  few step overs, so when I get it I’ve got to be direct and try and use  my pace.”

The soon to be 25-year-old’s adjustment to the physical nature of the  Ryman League is probably due to the two years spent playing out in the  United States doing his Masters in Business Studies.The North Americans and Canadians are all big, strong fit athletes so  the transition to playing here has been fine” he added. However, the man who picked up a silver medal playing for British  Universities at the World Student Games last month claims Wealdstone  must stick to their passing style of football instead of getting drawn  into physical contests like Monday’s win over Leatherhead.

McCubbin: “Pre-season in games like Wycombe we played some great stuff  and we have definitely got the ability to do that. No disrespect to teams like Leatherhead, but they are going to come  and try and spoil the game to get a result that is just what is going to  happen. I think the key is not getting brought down to their level and to try  and stick to the things you are good at, keep moving the ball and pick  teams apart.”

Article first appeared in Harrow Observer