Wealdstone FC Club Statement

On behalf of everyone at Wealdstone FC I wanted to express our disappointment and regret for all that took place off the field at Saturday’s match at Lewes FC.

Since Saturday we have conducted a full review of events, and discussed these at length at a Board Meeting. We have spoken directly to many of the people involved. As a result two of our supporters have been banned from Wealdstone FC games for a period of several months. A number of others have been severely reprimanded and warned as to their future conduct.

All supporters who have been spoken to, including the two who have directly impacted, have expressed sincere apologies for their actions and understand that they crossed a line of what is acceptable. We know that this action will come as a blow to these supporters, both of whom have been fans of Wealdstone FC for many years, both of whom have given many hours of their time volunteering to help off the pitch supporting the Club in a number of ways. Whilst we recognise there were several factors behind Saturday’s events, the actions of a minority of our fans were unacceptable and some action was inevitable.

Wealdstone FC is committed to being a family club. Our rising attendances, the growth in our junior clubs, the founding of a girl’s team, attendance discounts for local residents are all examples of how we are endeavouring to create a club accessible to all, rooted in its community. We will continue along this path and hope that the action we have taken shows that we will not condone or accept behaviour as was experienced on Saturday and that we will take what we believe is appropriate action when required.


Howard Krais


Wealdstone FC