StonesAid 4

Back on the 14 August 1999, at a home game against Harlow Town (which we won 3.1), the iconic Wealdstone CD “Sticks & Stones” was first released featuring bands with a Wealdstone connection… StonesAid 4 is a (little late) 10 year celebration of it’s release!

Tickets are a paltry £5 each in advance, or £6 on the night which works out at a mere £1 a band (even less if you buy in advance!). Come to the game, bring some friends and enjoy this periodic rock music festival…who knows when it may happen next !!!

These days the Wealdstone connection does not apply to all the bands who feature at StonesAid but support them anyway as they are giving their services free! The (confirmed) bands in alphabetical order featuring on the night are…
[* wealdstone connection]

Unfortunately, The Vendettas, who appear on the original promotional stuff, have have sadly now pulled as they are in a Recording Studio recording an album!!!

Everyone who buys a ticket will get a free copy of the now iconic “Sticks & Stones” CD on the door!!!

Tickets are available from Sateesh Khanna via email (leave your full name and this will be entered on a list and left at the door on the day and admission will be charged at only £5) or from the Wealdstone F.C. Megastore online at