Parsons keeps it simple

The phrase ‘pinpoint cross’ has appeared in many a sports journalist copy down the years. But accordingto Wealdstone new-boy Jake Parsons there is no such thing – even if you are a master of the art like David Beckham or Frank Ribery.

The former Windsor winger looked to have the ball on a shoestring against Margate on Saturday, including a peach of a delivery which led  to Stones’ equalising goal. But Parsons insists far from aiming for a team-mates head, the secret of good wing play is keeping it simple and letting the goal scorers take the credit.  

Jake Parsons: “When you are out wide all you can do is put the ball into an area – you can’t aim for anyone. Even when it comes to the best players in the world I don’t think they try and aim for someone – they just put it into an area between the goalkeeper and the two centre backs and the forwards know where it is going to be.

Gordon Bartlett’s decision to head hunt the 24-year-old immediately after the Royals went bust last season looks a good one as was his decision to throw Parsons into Saturday’s draw with ‘Gate’ at half-time. And the Stones boss signalled a new era of intervention, warning early substitutions would become the norm this season if players in the starting XI failed to deliver. 

Gordon Bartlett: “I’ve said in the dressing room we want the players to be hungry and there were players first half today who were letting the game drift by and we’re not having that. We are going to do what we did today. There will be times when people are not performing and we are not going to stick with it for a while we are going to change it.”

Harrow Observer