Chris does the ugly stuff!

Chris  O’Leary admitted this week there was a point this summer he wondered if he would ever pull on a Wealdstone shirt again.

The Stones’ midfield enforcer returned to first-team action in this week’s games against Hornchurch and Hendon -his first appearances since picking up a serious knee injury back in January.  An operation followed, only for O’Leary to discover he also had a hernia and he was back under the knife in July.  He claimed it was while trying to get back after this latest bout of surgery he wondered if he had reached the end of the football road.

O’Leary on his injury concerns: “I definitely thought I might have to pack it in – not because I didn’t want to do it anymore, but because I might not be up to it. I felt so sluggish and slow and in the back of my head I thought well maybe this is just one injury too many. Saturday at Hornchurch was the first time I thought  I can still do this. It is a relief to get back because I reckon I’ve got a couple more seasons left before father time catches up with me.”

Stones fans too are relieved at O’Leary’s return bringing much needed steel to the midfield area. O’Leary is happy enough to wear the tag of the man who does the ‘ugly’ stuff; 

O’Leary on being happy with the tag of the man who’ll do the ugly stuff: “To be fair ever since I was 17 or 18 doing the ugly stuff has always been the sort of game I have played. I would not expect anyone around me to do it or Jolls (Richard Jolly) for that matter because they are in the side to do what they do.”

 There will be plenty of ‘ugly’ stuff to do with three of the frontrunners Lewes, Cray and Lowestoft next on the agenda for Stones.  But despite defeat to Hendon on Monday, O’Leary says the men from the Vale are up there with the best this season and opponents will not look forward to facing them either. 

“I think the potential is there to do very well. We are a bit of a ‘run’ team. When we get on a run we are unstoppable. It is a matter of cranking that run up, but if we keep the faith a bit who knows. Lewes have lost to Kingstonian and we battered them, so there is no-one in this league now who is going to run away with it.”

Courtesy of the Harrow Observer