Chris claims his shirt!

Chris O’Leary confirmed this week what many Wealdstone fans have  believed for some time – if you cut him open he would bleed blue & white.

The midfield enforcer cut short a dual registration spell at  Southern League Premier side St Albans last week to return to the place  he calls ‘home.’ And after playing a starring role in Stones’ FA Trophy replay win over  Banbury this week the Stones stalwart vowed to fight to keep his shirt  for Saturday’s league visit to Concorde.

“I just couldn’t stay away and it is good to be back really – Wealdstone till I die. I guess I just bleed blue and white. I only had one club before  Wealdstone when I was at Uxbridge. I am not a club hopper; I don’t  change every season and I’m very settled at Wealdstone. Once you have been somewhere for so long changing is always going to  be a bit weird and I just missed it here really.

It was nice to go over to St Albans and prove a point to myself if  anything that I’m as good a player as I was before and I feel in a  position now where given a chance I will keep hold of my place.”

The 26-year-old’s dominant replay performance will make it hard for him to send him back to bench warming duties in Essex. However, he was not the only one to catch the eye in what was almost  the first time this season Stones have put together a 90 minute display. And Gordon Bartlett was quick to insist his men had raised the bar and set  themselves a standard to emulate for the rest of the campaign.

“Banbury was a performance which made them realise the  standards they are capable of achieving. They worked extremely hard as a unit and they’ve set their own  standards now. 

We know their capabilities, but sometimes they drop below that and I  hope this is the starting point where we can really pick up and have a  go at things because we have been disappointing so far.”


Courtesy of Harrow Observer