Announcement from the Chairman

Members, shareholders and supporters will be aware we have been in lengthy discussions with our landlords KSIMC regarding extending the Grosvenor Vale site lease, which is assigned to Ruislip Manor Sports and Social Club.

An extension of the current lease, which still has eight years to run, is considered essential to both Ruislip Social Club and Wealdstone Football Club for the future development of both organisations and to provide the much needed long term security which we have sort for so long and on which we can deliver our sporting and community aims.

As leaseholders we have been extremely proactive and prudent in attempting to establish a sensible and ongoing relationship with KSIMC and have worked extremely hard over the last two years to obtain an extended lease, to the point that that a motion seeking an extension was on the agenda at KSIMC’s recent AGM.

The meetings that we attended with KSIMC, particularly recently, gave us every reason to expect that the granting of a significant extension of the lease would be looked upon very favourably.

I regret to have to report however that an extension of the lease was turned down at our landlords recent AGM.

Although the initial response from our landlords suggested that we could return to this issue in the future a further communication from them last week stated categorically that no lease extension will be granted and this was a final decision by KSIMC. No reasons for this hard line and apparent change of mind have so far been provided.

Clearly this will be disappointing news for many people. I have to let you know that I am shocked by what I consider a wholly unexpected response; as are my colleagues on both the Football Club and Social Club boards. I reiterate that our verbal discussions had been warm and friendly and this was in no way the outcome that we had been led to believe.

I must stress that neither Ruislip Social Club nor Wealdstone Football Club are in any way in default of the existing lease and all rental payments are fully up to date, as they have been since the day we moved into Grosvenor Vale.

I know that this news will be worrying and extremely disappointing to all of us who have worked so hard to develop the site and to make it into a centre that the community can be proud. We have achieved so much in such a short space of time and believe that our presence in Ruislip has been welcomed positively by so many. This appears to have been recognised by everyone except our landlords.

My board and the directors of RSC are already beginning to formulate a sensible response and are carefully considering our options. Without doubt this means we will continue to seek talks with KSIMC in the future. We will also be seeking specialist legal advice so that we may understand our tenancy position more clearly.

We should remember that there we still have eight years remaining on our existing lease so this is no time for knee jerk reactions or panic. We will do everything possible to resolve this set back as we have done at Wealdstone over the last 20 years of continuing adversity and tough times.

In the meantime despite this news I must stress to all supporters, shareholders and users, hirers and patrons of Ruislip Social Club that it is very much business as usual, as we prepare for a new season where we will be looking to kick on from our achievements in the season recently ended.

It is now more important than ever that as a club we stand together, shoulder to shoulder, and continue to support our great club in which ever way that we are able.

I will keep you informed of future developments as they happen.

Howard Krais
Chairman, Wealdstone FC