Wealdstone FC launch 100:400 fundraising drive

Wealdstone FC is launching an emergency fund raising drive called 100:400, aimed at helping to deliver a competitive playing squad for the Club and to continue the Club’s recent progress with the aim of the Ryman Premier play-offs for next season.

Club Chairman Howard Krais stated, “As I explained at the recent AGM, the stark reality is that the club has almost run out of money. This means there will be a huge gap in our budget for next season. Although this is a situation that was always likely it is doubly frustrating to happen now as we are making great strides on and off the field. We have a young side who we hope, particularly with the benefit of this year’s experience, will progress into a side capable of challenging at the right end of the table next season”.

The Club are setting a fund raising target of £40,000. This money will go directly into next season’s playing budget. 100:400 is a shorthand for saying we are challenging 100 people to pledge £400. This can be a lump sum donation, new share purchase or just through investing £10 per week into the Club’s ‘Team Draw’ competition – something that offers a chance of winning cash prizes in return.

Supporters Club Chairman David Albert commented “The Wealdstone Supporter’s Club are fully behind 100:400 and will be doing all we can to support it. We are a football club run by supporters and we want to enjoy good football. Whilst 100:400 is a good headline the key figure to focus on is the target of £40,000 so I would urge anyone who can contribute to the fund, however much they can afford to donate – it will all help”.

However, Krais warned “we will not try to spend money we haven’t got to chase success and we do not believe in starting with an unsustainable budget that we know will only have to be cut in the future. However, we are doing all we can to generate new income streams and whilst we are very aware, and truly appreciative, of the continued and fantastic contribution that so many of our supporters have made in recent times we know that the only way we will progress is if supporters, our commercial partners and other investors come forward to help the Club. I welcome any sensible investment enquiries from anyone not currently connected with the club’

Howard Krais concluded “We know that these are tough times for many people and that not everyone will be in a position to help at present but if the support is there we will do everything we can to pay them back with some exciting and, we hope, successful football on the pitch”.