Stones match updates on Hayes FM 91.8 to continue this season

Live match updates will continue this season on Gordon Baxter’s Saturday afternoon sports show starting from 2pm. Nick DuGard and Tony Waller will be your reporters and will always try to do this home and away dependent on availability.

91.8 Hayes FM is a community focused local radio station based in Hayes, Middlesex. It’s audience covers a 5 mile radius from the centre of Hayes and can also be found on the internet @

Hayes FM are unlike any other radio station. Programmes are the most diverse you will hear, so confident are they about the output, that they say you will not hear another format like it anywhere in the world..!!

91.8 Hayes FM is different from most other radio stations in that it is non-commercial. They are not obligated to sell advertisements on the air in order to keep the station operational, though they are allowed to. This allows the station to be different with it’s format and accommodate many different musical tastes into programming.

Music output encompasses classic hits to the best new music, interspersed with the biggest hits from around the world!!

Summed up, Hayes FM is the collection of many formats on one station. Similar to the way a TV station is programmed, there are blocks of programming (like a TV show) with different tastes of music. As a result, the format is reflective of the area it serves .