2008/09 Season Awards


1 Wealdstone First Team Appearance Awards:-

LEE CHAPPELL 150 against Horsham on 19 November 2008
CHRIS O`LEARY 100 against Carshalton Athletic on 11 October 2008
CARL MARTIN 100 against Ashford Town (Middx) on 31 March 2009
RYAN ASHE 100 against Hasting United on 25 April 2009

2 Wealdstone First Team Golden Boot Winners: RYAN ASHE & GREG NGOYI

3 Stanmore College ECFA Players Player of Year: SAM LEGGETT
(Voted by the players)

4 Stanmore College ECFA Player of Year: NATHAN GRANDISON
(Voted by coaches )

5 Wealdstone Under 19`s (FCYL) Players Player: JADE McCREA
(Voted by players)

6 Wealdstone Under 19`s (FCYL) Player: JADE McCREA
(Voted by coaches)

7 Wealdstone FC & Stanmore College Football Scholarship Scholar of Year: CLAUDIO OPONDO-MBAI

8 Wealdstone Under 18`s Allied Counties East Division Champions PRESENTATION OF  SHIELD & ALL WINNERS MEDALS TO PLAYERS

9 Wealdstone Under 18`s (ACYL) Players Player: PARSA SALAMBAYAT
(Voted by players)

10 Wealdstone Under 18`s (ACYL) Player: RYAN CARTER
(Voted by coaches)

11 Wealdstone Reserves Middlesex Premier Cup Winners PRESENTATION OF CUP & 5 EXTRA MEDALS

12 Wealdstone Reserves Players Player: GARRY JONES
(Voted by players)

13 Wealdstone Reserves Player: DAN LAKE
(Voted by coaches and staff)

14 Wealdstone First Team Players Player: CHRIS O`LEARY
(Voted by players)

15 Wealdstone FC Supporters Club Supporter of the Year: PETER JOHN-BAPTISE

16 Wealdstone FC President’s Award Special photo presentation TONY WAUGH & GREG NGOYI

17 Wealdstone FC Junior Stones Player of Year: ALAN MASSEY
(Voted by Juniors)

18 Most Improved Player of Year: SAM LEGGETT
(Voted by all WFC Coaches)

19 Wealdstone FC Young Player of Year: KIERON FORBES
(Voted by all WFC Coaches)

20 JOCK LAW TROPHY Wealdstone FC Supporters Club Player of Year:ALAN MASSEY

21 Wealdstone FC Chairman Award: JEREMY ALBERT