Stones disappointed by Howarth’s change of mind

Wealdstone FC was disappointed to learn this week that striker Rob Howarth has changed his mind and will not now be signing for the Stones as expected.

Stones Manager Gordon Bartlett said on Tuesday (24 June): ‘I am disappointed to confirm that Rob Haworth sent me a text last night to say he would not be joining for us after all. Having confirmed he would sign by telephone just before he went away on holiday, we were going to announce his signature on his return. Unfortunately, Margate broke the news of his impending signing and it was soon all over the internet forums. With it out in the open, but against my better judgment, we were forced to go public.

Since being away, he has received a call from Dartford FC and been offered a deal that we cannot compete with. He is a quality player, and although I am aggrieved after his verbal agreement, we cannot break our wage structure as it would be totally unfair on the other players in the squad. Even if he had signed, Dartford could have put in a seven day approach and we could have lost him nearer the start of the season.

We have known for a long time that we are punching above our weight on the financial front and this season will be no different, but as this door closes on Rob Haworth, it simply creates an opportunity for someone else.

I am obviously disappointed, but certainly not disheartened, and with the excellent spirit amongst the players and things looking good at our new home at Grosvenor Vale, I am confident we will improve on last years campaign.