Prince Edward Playing Field (PEPF) – Update

On 25 September Barnet FC released a statement confirming that the Football Foundation had approved a £1million grant towards the cost of the first phase of the planned redevelopment of the Prince Edward Playing Field (PEPF) site. The statement revealed that works could begin on site as early as this month and contained details of Barnet’s initial plans for the first phase of work.

There was no mention of Wealdstone Football Club in this news release and this may have caused some concern amongst supporters as to the club’s future involvement in the development.

Wealdstone FC Chairman Howard Krais said: ‘I can fully understand that the lack of any mention of our club in this release might cause some concerns, and could indicate to some that our interest in the site may have ended, especially since our own focus recently has been on our move to Ruislip, and getting the Grosvenor Vale site up and running. This is not the case and our position remains unchanged from previous statements that we have made. We are clearly delighted to have a home of our own now at Ruislip but we need to remember that this remains on a short term lease basis.

Krais continued: ‘We have not given up on our stated intention to play at PEPF and continue to consider a number of possibilities in terms of how we can use the excellent facilities that we believe will be provided at Prince Edward and continue to use Ruislip for reserves and youth football and our own community developments. However, as I have stated many times before, any possible deal will need to be right for Wealdstone FC.

‘We knew that a stadium build was not going to be part of Phase 1 of Barnet’s plans but we are continuing to seek assurances with regard to our status at PEPF and to that effect I have been in recent contact with Harrow Council and expect to meet with Tony Kleanthous again to continue our discussions later this month’.